findingchurchmaze 270pxIf you're new to Newnan and Coweta County, or just in search of a change, we understand that looking for a new church home can be a daunting task. With many good churches to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin.

But we want to perhaps make the task a little easier by letting you know up front that Central is anything but the typical Baptist church. Central embraces a traditional style of worship. It is autonomous, it is theologically moderate, and it is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

If you are not a Christian, Central is a place where you can explore Christianity without pressure. If you are a Christian, it's a place where you can grow in grace and purpose. Wherever you are, wherever you have been . . . we welcome you!

We understand that some of you come from a "church" background (though perhaps not Baptist), while others may have little or no church experience. So we have attempted in most of these articles to avoid church jargon and use plain English.

If you have any questions after looking over the following articles, please send an e-mail or call the church. We would love to hear from you!

While Central is similar to many churches in some respects, it is quite unique in others . . .
As with individuals, a church's values guide its actions. Central's values provide the standard by which its activities are judged . . .
Central has a long history of community service.
Read biographies of our staff.
There are great activities for you at the church on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Find out about them.
Here's some information to help you in preparing to visit . . .
The church is in downtown just off of Court Square, behind the Carnegie Library. You can see a map and get turn-by-turn driving directions.
How to become an official part of Central.
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